How To Get Started in AT


imageThere are very often questions from therapists asking about how to learn more about AT. There are online and college programs for certificates in assistive technology. But this is NOT the same as obtaining an Assistive Technology Professional designation (ATP) from RESNA ( ).

The  certification from RESNA is important for those of us who specialize in assistive technology. But learning more about AT is accomplished by getting access to and gaining skills in use of various AT and by attending conferences (ATIA, Closing the Gap, CSUN, RESNA), completing online webinars, reviewing catalogs, etc. Ablenet has many free webinars which are very good. Get on the SC Assistive Technology Listserv for many updates about upcoming webinars from many sources:

A fantastic resource available for school-based OTs and others are the Assistive Technology Internet Modules!!

I also have a website that is a resource (still new to it) and a FB page both by the same name “AT and OT”.

Good luck! Having the DESIRE to learn more about AT is HALF the battle. 😉

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