Excellent tips from The always fantastic resource Edutopia regarding dysgraphia. Creating a Dysgraphia-Friendly Classroom | Edutopia



Updated: 50 Low Tech AT Ideas


This is an updated version of a handout of mine that has been floating around for many years regarding the use of low tech and switches for simple and fun activities. It is able to be printed as it is a Google Doc.



ARTICLE REVIEW: Can Hand Function Be Predicted in Children with CP?


Excellent article and blog about hand function from Seekfreaks! Mentions the need for implementing early use of compensatory methods and AT early on with those children with CP as a result of MACS.

Understanding the importance of the GMFCS, a group of doctors, professor, OTs and PT in Sweden developed the Manual Ability Classification System (MACS) “to

Source: ARTICLE REVIEW: Can Hand Function Be Predicted in Children with CP?

Hand Grip: Weak Hands? Weak Body? Why Kids and Millennials are Losing their Grip from ILS Learning Corner

pexels-photo-256468.jpegWow! As OTs we know this, but I also think it is less recesUs,lless PE, less outdoor play, less unstructured play, more finger foods, and less play in general! A must read.


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