Fun Early Cause and Effect and Visual Stumulation App


In trying to locate an old musical fav app of mine (Magic Fingers, odd name but cause and effect with classical music, free), I found a cute early app for visualstimulation and cause and effect from Finland called Onni and Ilona Animals for IOS. 3 animals are available in the free version and all 12 cost $3.99. Very nice color contrast, not too visually busy, great for visual tracking, and early use of hands or a switch.

Here is a video from the company that does not show the baby intersecting with the app, but a cutie nonetheless.


LED Handrails for the Visually Impaired

7DC1B674-0E54-4170-9F72-D06F10F15B13.jpegAwesome product for those with blindness:LED Lighted Handrails. Thanks to Carol from OTs with Apps and Technology!

OT's with Apps & Technology

There are a many exciting  innovations emerging for individuals with low vision and blindness, from environmental supports to sophisticated new wearables. The Assistive Technology Daily shares LED handrails that can guide the traveler in the direction of the walkway or stairs in this case.

LED Handrails Collar Assembly Zoon Designs’ LED handrails are both a clever and surprisingly obvious way to light up a staircase. Named the Blind Handrail they are conceived to replace area lighting and put it where it is needed the most. The concept handrails even can be many colors, making the lowly stair well one…

via LED Handrails for the Visually Impaired  — The Assistive Technology Daily

HT to The Assistive Technology Daily for their share of everything AT!


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Wow! Check this out! Amazon Echo can really help persons with disabilities and to get a discount? Awesome!

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