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Contact Email: mshanot2000@yahoo.com

Ms. Shannon has practiced as a clinician for over 30 years. She joined the Cabarrus College of Health Sciences in Concord, N.C. in March of 2015 as an Adjunct Professor in the MOT program and began teaching at the same college in the OTA program as an instructor in December 2015. She received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1982. She is currently enrolled in a post-professional OT Master’s program through Mount Mary University in Wisconsin with a projected May 2016 graduation date.
Ms. Shannon has worked in a wide variety of settings including the public schools, the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program, and outpatient/inpatient settings serving as a clinician or administrator. She is a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) by the Rehabilitation, Engineering, and Assistive Technology of North America (RESNA). Ms. Shannon has been a frequent speaker at state and national level conferences regarding the use of AT and OT.

Practice areas of specialization: assistive technology (AT) in general; the use of AT in OT; OT and Autism school-based interventions; OT’s role in AAC; AT upcycling; social stories in ASD; Section 504/OT in the schools; handwriting interventions; dysgraphia; AT with persons with SCI, autism, MD/SMA, CP, LD, etc.; adapted books/literacy; switch access; low tech solutions; work/ergonomic solutions; ADL equipment; and therapeutic adaptations.




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